The Helford River, Cornwall, is one of the very few places in England where ancient woodland meets the sea. It was one of Oliver Rackham’s favourite places to carry out fieldwork, and after his untimely death in February 2015 we discovered that there were a number of manuscripts in various drafts. The Woods of the Helford River was the most complete. Order THE ANCIENT WOODS OF by Oliver Rackham THE HELFORD RIVER ‘It is pleasant to watch the quiet skilful worker. He sits low on a stool, the structural withys 5 feet long waving out in front of him as the hive turns round and round to his weaving. He has that look that comes to all men who work their wits against wild things, of thinking with their fingers.’ Made In England by Dorothy Hartley OUT NOW A brand new short story by bestselling writer Ben Myers. A collaboration between Little Toller and Bluemoose Books A STONE STATUE
By Benjamin Myers BUY NOW £3
"Dream Island is an account of how, together with his wife Doris, Lockley moved onto the tiny island of Skokholm, four miles off the tip of Pembrokeshire, and just one mile long at its longest. The island had been uninhabited, apart from lighthouse keepers, since at least the beginning of the century."
AMY LIPTROT, author of The Outrun
DREAM ISLAND by R.M. Lockley To the island
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