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"an anthology for all green men, women and children" HILARY MANTEL"full of surprises and beauty in both detail and the long view" NATUREBringing together the finest, and best-known, names in contemporary writing, a new anthology that explores the many strands of what woodlands mean to us. A landmark publication, it will appeal widely to many readers.Contributors include: Richard Mabey, Germaine Greer, Ali Smith, Simon Armitage, and more

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Little Toller at Bridport Literary Festival 2018

Little Toller has curated a small slice of the Bridport Literary Festival this year, with a series of talks and readings by exciting young novelists and nature writers. Join us throughout November at the newly refurbished Literary and Science Institute to celebrate the outstanding writing of Tim Dee, Abi Andrews, Gregory Norminton and Hetty Saunders:…

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Living With Trees by Robin Walter

Common Ground is producing a book to inspire, guide and encourage people to engage with their local trees and woods, to value and celebrate them. It will build upon Common Ground’s many previous books, including In a Nutshell (1989), Community Orchards Handbook (2008) and Arboreal (2016), as well as its newspaper projects PULP! (1988) and LEAF! (2016-2017).

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Oak Grove by Seán Lysaght

Trees have character, just like animals and people. Some have grown tall and rangy in a rush for elevation; others have a more rounded crown and are already strongly branched. When I am alone among the trees, I often stand under my favourite, a fourteen-footer that spreads its tent of foliage over a young tree’s muscular limbs, and casts a cosy, yellowish gloom of light around me. Seán Lysaght on watching trees grow.

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Yggdrasil in Shetland, by Jen Hadfield

For National Tree Week, here is Jen Hadfield on the trees of Shetland. This piece is an extract from Arboreal, a new woodland anthology published by Little Toller Books.    My aunt owns a cabin by a river in British Columbia. It’s wrapped in temperate rainforest, dense and protean: pockets of old-growth cedar and maple, the…

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Dwellings 9 by Ellie Davies (Unframed)

The award-winning photographs of Ellie Davies feature in our recent woodland anthology, Arboreal Alongside artists such as James Ravilious, Andy Goldsworthy and David Nash, Ellie's images appear as a colour plate section internally, as endpapers and also on the cover of the book. It is true to say that Ellie's photography is part of the DNA of Arboreal and we are thrilled to be able to show you these wonderful prints that Ellie has made to mark the publication of Arboreal.Limited edition of 25 (especially printed for Little Toller to celebrate Arboreal) 16 inches x 20 inches C-type Light-jet Print Signed and numbered, printed on Crystal Archive paper

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