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Motherlode by Nic Wilson

I suspect Harry would have been delighted to see inspiration flaring into the future as well as reaching back into the past.


Song of the Iris by Nic Wilson

Each bold bottlebrush is tinted a timid pink, so pale it’s almost white, as if their painter lost conviction after the first wash.


We All Fall Down by Jane Hughes

It could have stood for a record of a generation full of optimism, a community that was all about the future.


Footprints by Tim Hannigan

This was absolutely the countryside. The spinneys and fields had names, even if no mapmaker had ever thought to seek them out.


Four Ways of Looking at the Coast

This week we’re visiting the coast, that vibrant boundary zone, or ecotone, that has proved as intensely alive imaginatively as it has ecologically. Rachel Carson reminds us that ‘the edge of the sea remains an elusive and indefinable boundary’. At once immense yet intimate, hypnotic yet reviving, isolating yet exposing, the coast is a place…