Ghost Town READ MORE by Jeff Young GHOST TOWN A Liverpool Shadowplay “A stunningly beautiful book about the ways time, memory and life shape and change cities, families and all of us.” Ghost Town is a deeply personal book of remembering and forgetting, yet when we cross its threshold we also discover the labyrinth of a master storyteller, whose unforgettable characters gather in our thoughts like moths around lamplight. Costa 2020 Biography Award judges Festive banner We are taking our new bookshop in Beaminster online during lockdown. ONLINE BOOKSHOP
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Living with trees banner BY ROBIN WALTER LIVING WITH TREES People around the UK are redefining their relationship with trees and woods in the twenty-first century – in healthcare, education, ecology, art, architecture, conservation, rewilding – the book demonstrates how caring for trees and woods enhances local biodiversity, community cohesion and well-being. Grow, protect and celebrate the trees and woods in your community
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Moors 4

Walking boots and binoculars by George Hassall

These moors are Britain’s wet deserts, drowned by rain pretty much every day and howled by the winds.


Seasonal Disorder by Martin Maudsley

But letting go is not the same as losing something. Without the wind in my sails I was helplessly, horribly becalmed. Like the songbirds in summer, I’d lost my voice, and the world around me changed its tune.


The Emboughered by Dickie Straker

Last night, I rambled through memory paths, leaf litter, the sounds of dawn and dusk and the spicy aroma of autumn, of carp slime, beech mast and silt.

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