Jonny Hannah

Jonny Hannah likes to paint things anything he listens to Jazz as he works drawing inspiration from the music he listens to. A few weeks ago June Jonny visited us here  and started to paint chairs that I had collected at antiques markets. The results are pretty spectacular

Jonny Hannah enjoys nothing better than going to his studio to illustrate, paint and savour the odd Tunnocks Caramel Wafer with a fresh cup of coffee. It is fortuitous then, that Jonny’s work has been much in demand since his departure from Liverpool Art School and the Royal College of Art all those many years ago.

Recently Jonny has started to paint the odd objet d’art, painting on guitars, suitcases, toy cars and coffee pots. It is under the moniker of the Cakes & Ale Press, a highly successful cottage industry, that Jonny has industriously published his limited edition affordable prints and artists books