Laura Ellen Bacon

I asked Laura if she would be up for making two pieces for my first show, her response unbounded. A complete joy to work with Laura on this project.

Laura Ellen Bacon is a sculptor who works raw materials into large-scale or, ‘human-scale’ works in both interior and landscape settings.

Working with predominately natural materials and her bare hands, her works embrace, surround or engulf architectural and natural structures.

Her work has been described as ‘startling but beckoning’; ‘monumental yet intimate’; ‘frenzied yet calm’.  Laura’s particular use of materials emerges from a compulsive desire to work them into a formed space of some kind, using a language of materials that seems strangely familiar to the natural world.

Within and beyond the UK, Laura’s work is created for both private, business and public spaces and has been seen in places such as Chatsworth, Somerset House, New Art Centre and Saatchi Gallery.  Her work has also been included within curated events for Sotheby’s, the Jerwood Space, COLLECT and Bloomberg.