Summer 2016 | Opening at the End

The artists on show were Ed Kluz with his collage and scraper boards of ‘lost’ Dorset buildings; printmaker Bea Forshall with her wonderful birds, moths and butterflies; Laura Ellen Bacon with two pieces of willow sculpture; Alice Pattullo’s animal alphabet; and Jonny Hannah with his unique collection of hand-painted chairs and boxes.



We have been working with Bea ever since she left Falmouth. We love her work, her approach and her talent. She was born in South West France, where she spent most of her childhood. In 2003 she moved to Catalonia and in 2005 back to Britain. She studied Illustration at Falmouth College of Art. Ever since she was a child, Bea has been interested in wildlife. Her work now revolves around animals and conservation.

Bea will be showing her colourful, large-scale prints of birds, bees and moths.


Ed’s work explores contemporary perceptions of the past through the reimagining of historic landscapes, buildings and objects. The ideas of early Romanticism, the Picturesque movement and antiquarian representations of topography and architecture underpin his approach to image-making. Ed was born in 1980 and grew up in Swaledale, North Yorkshire. He studied fine art at the Winchester School of Art between 1999 – 2002. He now lives in East Sussex.

When Ed was the first artist in residence at Little Toller, back in January 2016, he researched the lost houses of Dorset for the 15 scraper boards now featured in this show.


Laura Ellen is a sculptor who works raw materials into large-scale or, ‘human-scale’ works in both interior and landscape settings. Working with predominately natural materials and her bare hands, her works embrace, surround or engulf architectural and natural structures. Her work has been exhibited at Chatsworth, Somerset House, New Art Centre, Saatchi Gallery and the Jerwood Space.

We are thrilled that Laura has created two new willow sculptures especially to mark the opening of the Print Room.


Jonny enjoys nothing better than going to his studio to illustrate, paint and savour the odd Tunnocks Caramel Wafer with a fresh cup of coffee. It is under the moniker of the Cakes & Ale Press, a highly successful cottage industry, that he has industriously published his limited edition affordable prints and artists books. Recently he has started to paint the odd objet d’art, painting on guitars, suitcases, toy cars, coffee pots, plates and chairs.

Jonny visited us to paint his unique folk stories onto a variety of chairs that we have gathered from nearby secondhand shops and auctions.