Community Orchards Handbook

Drawing on more than twenty years of championing orchards and the experiences of many people who have created Community Orchards, the Handbook offers philosophy and practical advice to those inspired to become Community Orchardists.
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Since the 1950s we have lost 63 per cent of our orchards through development or neglect, and even though we have been able to grow 3,000 varieties of apple in England, almost 70 per cent of apples we buy are imported. Common Ground has worked to interest local communities in creating and saving orchards to provide fruit and nuts, havens for wildlife and places of beauty.

The Community Orchards Handbook shows how to start your own Community Orchard, from getting support to tackling legal issues, organising work, selling produce and enjoying together the fruits of your work. It gives suggestions on ‘apple mapping’ and saving local varieties, and practical advice on planting, harvesting and safeguarding your orchard. It includes a comprehensive resources section and is full of examples of diverse Community Orchard projects across the UK.


232 pages, 210 x 148mm, paperback
ISBN 9781900322928

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