Black Apples of Gower by Iain Sinclair

luxuriant prose, has a dark, ascorbic bite, lingering on the tongue just as surely as it does in the mind. Jon Gower, Caught by the River

“...This is a wonderful book that is almost impossible to sum up; neither a guide book, nor a history, nor an autobiography or a work of art criticism – it is all of those and more.Jo Mazlis, Wales Arts Review

The paperback edition of Iain Sinclair’s bestselling monograph, in which the celebrated author and pyscho-geographer rediscovers the landscape of his youth – the Gower peninsula in South Wales.

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Paperback | 178 x 128 mm | 184 pages

Jacket artwork by Ceri Richards



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Iain Sinclair is a poet, film-maker, essayist and the author of many acclaimed books, including Downriver, Lights Out for the Territory, London Orbital, Edge of the Orison and London Overground. He also collaborated with Andrew Kötting on Swandown and By Our Selves, and co-directed films with Chris Petit, including London Orbital and The Falconer. He was born in South Wales, went to school in England and university in Ireland, and now lives in East London.

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