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Bea Forshall ‘Lapwing’ greetings card

A Bea Forshall blank greetings card with Lapwing design.


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One in the series of Bea Forshall’s greetings cards, with paper from sustainable forests, recycled envelope and biodegradable cellophane wrap. This card is blank for your own message.

This card is also available as part of a set of Bea’s cards.

Also known as the peewit for its call, the name Lapwing derives from the Old English word hleapewince, meaning “leap with a flicker in it” to decribe its distinctive and wavering flight. Lapwings nest in a simple scrape on the ground and the chicks can run straight after hatching. Changes in agricultural practice have led to a dramatic decline in the lapwing population.

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Weight25 g
Dimensions156 x 152 mm


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