Emperors, Admirals and Chimney Sweepers by Peter Marren – Paperback edition

“This book is a delight, a gentle, witty and erudite exploration of lepidoptera.” John Wright, Country Life

The first ever comprehensive book about the naming of British butterflies and moths. This beautiful book, written with Peter Marren’s usual wit and insight, takes you on a journey back to a time before the arts and science were divided. When entomologists were also poets and painters, and when a gift for vivid language went hand-in-hand with a deep pre-Darwinian fascination for the emerging natural world.


Paperback | 216mm x 170mm | 282 pages

Jacket artwork by Bea Forshall

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Peter Marren has written widely on the natural world and our association with it. Among some twenty books, he is the author of Rainbow Dust, Bugs Britannica, The New Naturalists which won the Thackray Medal, as well as contributions to Collins New Naturalist, the British Wildlife Collection and Poyser Natural History, He writes regularly for British Wildlife and Butterfly magazine and is a former columnist in The Countryman. For fourteen years he worked for the Nature Conservancy Council in Scotland and England. He lives in Ramsbury in Wiltshire.

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