Landfill by Tim Dee

Landfill is an important and entirely brilliant book. It’s a love letter to gulls and their charged relationship with humans, but it’s also a deep meditation on difficulty and waste, on the beauty of the disregarded, and on what we make of matter out of place. There’s love and death here, fear, fascination, hope, and the breaking of the world. Dee has written an absolute triumph.”  Helen Macdonald

“A startling and truly original book.”  Richard Holmes

“a true zoological and anthropological classic.”  Charles Foster

“In Dee’s hands, a book about gulls becomes an exploration of the anthropocene, a meditation on the taxonomic impulse and a philosophical inquiry into waste.”  Melissa Harrison

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Hardback  | 178mm x 128mm | 240 pages

Jacket and illustration by Greg Poole



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TIM DEE has watched birds for almost all his life and written about them for twenty years. He is the author of The Running Sky and Four Fields and the editor of Ground Work and, with Simon Armitage, The Poetry of Birds. He was also a BBC radio producer for three decades. He is married and lives with his wife in Bristol, the Cambridgeshire fens and in the Cape Peninsula of South Africa.