The Farmer’s Year
by Clare Leighton

‘no one in our time has succeeded better in presenting the noble massiveness and breadth of life on the earth on a scale so grand’ ERIC GILL

An epic and beautiful vision of rural England, recording the toil and triumphs of farm labourers before the Second World War.

A rare edition.

Authors: Clare Leighton

Published in 2012


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In the early 1930s Clare Leighton began work on a sequence of wood engravings depicting traditional farming in England over the course of a calendar year. The country was in the grips of the Great Depression at the time. Unemployment had doubled. Hunger marches were beginning to spread through towns and cities. Machines were replacing men and women on the land.

Already established as one of the most innovative engravers of her time, Clare Leighton was encouraged to write a series of sketches to accompany the twelve engravings she produced. The Farmer’s Year was the result, published in 1933 to great acclaim in Britain and North America, running to three impressions by February 1934.

The Farmer’s Year was the first book Clare Leighton wrote, engraved and designed. It is still her most celebrated work, and its epic and beautiful vision of rural England has become a unique record of the toil and triumphs of farm labourers before the Second World War changed the face of Britain forever.


245 x 285 sewn hardback with jacket and endpapers
60 pages printed on 150gsm Munken paper
12 full-page engravings by Clare Leighton
ISBN 978-1-908213-11-2

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Weight700 g
Dimensions245 x 16 x 285 mm


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by Clare Leighton”

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