The Recent Past by James Ravilious

The new selection of James Ravilious’ photographs of north Devon, commissioned by the Beaford Centre and now published by Wilmington Square Books.


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In 1972 James Ravilious moved with his wife to North Devon, her childhood home. Soon afterwards he was hired by the Beaford Centre to start a photographic archive recording the landscape and people of the area. This part of Devon clung to traditional life for longer than elsewhere in Britain and although the more recent photographs were taken as late as the 1980s, they record a way of life that has now been lost, or is being lost.

Ravilious took most of his photographs within ten miles of his home and so was able to develop an intimacy with his subjects – nearly everyone in this book is named. This new book of black and white photographs showcases many of his photographs for the Beaford Centre.

Foreword by John Hatt, introduction by Robin Ravilious

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