Concrete Antenna (vinyl)

Beautiful jazz-piano tinged ambient electronica and wildlife field recordings summoning up the aural landscape around a concrete antenna in Leith.


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Concrete Antenna is a vinyl recording by Simon Kirby, Tommy Perman and Rob St John. In 2015 a 25 metre concrete tower was installed at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and this selection of 12 beautiful pieces of music summons up the aural landscape around this tower, created by warm, ambient electronica and field recordings .

The vinyl package comes with cleverly organised and detailed notes on the recording and composition, and a list of the Leith tide times from recent years.

Includes a free digital download.

“Alongside sounds derived from the structure itself the trio seamlessly blend in piano, brass, children at play, birdsong and a bouncing pingpong ball in a quietly affecting sculpture in sound.” THE QUIETUS

Distributed and created by our good friends at Random Spectacular.


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Dimensions320 x 320 mm


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