THE CLEARING is an online magazine published by Little Toller Books that offers writers and artists a dedicated space in which to explore and celebrate the landscapes we live in. Our contributors are encouraged to go forth and find distinctive visions that startle us, rural or urban, modern or prehistoric, industrial, post-industrial, fantastical, natural, political, however they come. But each must be meaningful, surprising, felt. We welcome cross-fertilisations of genre and discipline, collaboration and innovation. We want to be inspired and challenged by cultures, practices and stories of places that may be going untold.

We are very pleased that over the last couple of years we have been able to publish new work by Paul Kingsnorth, Katrina Porteous, Tim Dee, Nick Groom, Ken Worpole, Lucy Wood, Robert Crawford, Philip Gross, Neil Ansell, and Eleanor Rees.


Whether you are a writer, visual or sound-based artist, we would be very pleased to hear from you by email:


Pippa Marland

Steven Lovatt

Michael Malay


Former Editors (2013-2017): Jos Smith, Luke Thompson, Isabel Galleymore, Ben Smith.