JOHN SEYMOUR was an ecological pioneer who championed the cause of living simply. A prolific author and activist in the self-sufficiency movement, Seymour travelled widely in his youth in Africa, India and around the waterways of Britain. In the late 1950s he settled in Suffolk on a remote five-acre smallholding. His aim was to live as cheaply as possible and support his young family by living off the land. In 1963, the Seymours moved to a larger farm in Pembrokeshire, Wales, which gave them more scope to practise the ideas developed in Suffolk. It was here that Seymour wrote The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency, which made him famous. In 1981, he left Wales and moved to a smallholding in County Wexford, Ireland. At the end of his life he moved back to Pembrokeshire, where he died on the family farm.