My House of Sky: The Life of J.A. Baker by Hetty Saunders

“Astonishing power and originality.” John Gray

“Hetty Saunders has risen splendidly to the challenge” Clive Aslet

My House of Sky is the first biography of the acclaimed and enigmatic naturalist, J.A. Baker, author of ‘The Peregrine’. and ‘The Hill of Summer’. It’s an insightful biography, tracing how J. A. Baker’s troubled childhood, experiences of the Blitz as a teenager, and the social and environmental tensions of post-war Britain influenced his writing. The book also showcases some of the most compelling material of the J. A. Baker archive through the photography of Christopher Matthews a foreword by Robert Macfarlane  and an afterword by the ornithologist and conservationist John Fanshawe.

Watch an interview with Hetty Saunders

Read the foreword by Robert Macfarlane

Hardback | 225 x 15o mm | 256 pages

Frontispiece by Jo Sweating

Illustrated through in colour with photographs from the J. A. Baker archive



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Hetty Saunders has been hooked on J. A. Baker ever since she first read The Peregrine. She grew up on an old hop farm in north Kent, and now lives and studies in Edinburgh. My House of Sky is her first book