The South Country by Edward Thomas

The South Country brilliantly merges landscape, folk culture, and natural history into a record of what Edward Thomas saw and felt as he wandered the old ways of southern England.

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Author: Edward Thomas

Introduction: Robert Macfarlane

Published: June 2009


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‘Perhaps the best way to think of The South Country is as a dream-map – by which I mean an act of imaginative cartography, a chart of longing and loss projected onto actual terrain’
Robert MacFarlane

Acutely sensitive to rhythms of the countryside, Edward Thomas’s lyrical, passionate, and sometimes political writing merges natural history with folk culture, and gives us a free-form record of the feelings and observations of one of the great poets of the English language. This centenary edition includes a preface by Edward Thomas’s wife, Helen, and the stunning engravings of Eric Fitch Daglish.


Introduced by Robert MacFarlane
Cover illustration by David Inshaw
216 x 156mm sewn paperback with flaps
240 pages with engravings by Eric Daglish throughout
ISBN 978 0 9562545 1