Peter Larkin – Excerpt from ‘Eyes on Open Leaves’

“Eyes on Open Leaves” was suggested to me by a reference to a journal collection by the poet Lorand Gaspard called Feuilles d’Observation. It made me want to take the title literally so as to record what it is leaves intrinsically observe once their various surface pimples, tiny wounds and imperfections are given something like a retinal power. The very translucence of leaves can then inflect the world around them as well as deflect and wrap the light.


– Peter Larkin



Eyes on Open Leaves

Eyes on Open Leaves 1

Eyes on Open Leaves 2

Eyes on Open Leaves 3

Eyes on Open Leaves 4

Eyes on Open Leaves 5


Peter Larkin’s publications include Terrain Seed Scarcity (2001) and Leaves of Field (2006). His latest collection, Give Forest Its Next Portent, came out last year with Shearsman Books.


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