Happy the Man by Gareth Evans

A new poem by Gareth Evans, protesting the felling of a local tree. For more information go to the Happy Man Tree website.



i.m The Happy Man Tree (felled 5.1.21)


Happy the man

who in his stealth

has wounded deep

the people’s health


Happy the man

who blade by blade

destroyed the tree

the earth has made


Happy the man

who felled the tree

to make more

from his property


Happy the man

who let it fall

from council meeting

to our town hall


Happy the man

who in his tower

counts his riches

hour by hour


Happy the man

who needs no shade

beneath the branches

this tree had made


Happy the man

who hears no birds

above the clamour

of his false words


Happy the man

who has no child

to witness his

pillage of the wild


Happy the man

who knows no grief

who answers – me?

I am no thief


of all you valued

and held so dear

and they who helped

both far and near


Happy all those

who stand up strong

remember the tree

and this great wrong.





Gareth Evans is a London based writer, curator and producer. He is a trustee of Common Ground.

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