Sarianne Durie – Landscapes





after Xu Bing


Bees rise from fragrant grasses


Patterns repeat on terraced ground

lines repeat   lines   echo   lines


Character of tree or rock found

in character for tree or rock


Rivers flow – wide as grassy fields

through fields of lines


Mountain sheep climb Chinese rock –

flow down grassy hillsides


Rock   tree   mountain turn to lines on paper


Plots thicken with life – grain   rice

maize   potatoes   cabbages


North   south   west   east

tadpoles flow through fields

or flock as tadpoles to the sun


Rock   tree   mountain

turn to lines on paper


Terraced ground repeats patterns

paper lines turn to paper


Squares   not square for every plot

maize   bamboo   fields of rice

watered   tended by workers

not yet come from black wood to open space


Character of tree   rock   water

in character for tree   rock   water


Bees rise from fragrant grasses


Apricot leaves say apricot tree

water flows water   rock says I am rock




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Sarianne Durie is an artist who works mainly in stained glass, but who has more recently turned her hand to writing. Her poems can be found in the Albion Beatnik publication and you can see more of her stained glass work here:

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