The Corvid’s Shadow by Rose Fulton

Last week Little Toller received an email from the designer Carol Fulton, telling us about her 11 year-old goddaughter, Rose, who had written and illustrated a book called The Corvid’s Shadow to raise money for NHS Charities Together and Autism Wellbeing.

This is how Rose explains how the story came about: “My mum kept saying ‘Corvid-19’ instead of ‘Covid-19’ and that sparked my interest. We were on a walk in the forest above our house when a crow flew over. We watched as its shadow went passed us on the ground. We started talking about the crow and where it might be going.”

We wanted to share an extract with you to celebrate the potential in all of us to inspire.



In central China, a corvid sat perched on a branch of a cherry tree, preening her feathers and wishing she was free.



The crow flew on and, as she flew, she was oblivious to the mayhem she was causing.



As each gift fell from her beak, it floated to the ground like a conductor’s baton. It skipped as it hit the floor, then disintegrated and, in a gust of wind, was gone.



Rose’s illustrations are a wonderful example of how creativity at home has flourished in these difficult times. Can you believe she’s only 11! What a talented person. If you’ve enjoyed the extract and decide to download the whole book here, please first donate to Rose’s fundraising page or Support for Autistic People during Covid-19.



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